Forex Dragon Expert v.4.1 Expert Advisor

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Forex Dragon Expert EA v.4.1 

The best Forex robot that dominates the charts right now.

Dragon Expert guarantees that you can earn 60% -100% ++ Profits Monthly.

Meet the Advisor to the Dragon, which generates 60% -110% ++ monthly.

Legendary Trading Strategy

Real time price graph between all timeframes to find the best entry and exit points.

Optimized Default Setting

There is no need to install anything, our default advisor is fully optimized.

Hidden take profit and stop loss

Hide your take profit and stop loss so that the broker cannot fool you.

Advanced Steam Detection

Select the correlation pairs that you want to trade. Advisor automatically adapts on the fly.

Lack of Lagging Trade

Real-time trading management without any delay.

Easy installation

Just download, install on Metatrader 4, and you're done. Designed for any skill level even for grandfathers. Get up and run in less than 5 minutes.

Advanced Correlation Algorithm

The adviser will find a correlation between the pairs and hedge your trade.

Real Time Broker Shield

Keeps shadow brokers from trading against you, safeguarding your trading information.

Undetectable Trading Robot

Our preliminary forward test indicates that your trade will be treated as normal trade as a human trade on the side of a broker.

Filter By Time

You can choose the time when the advisor opens a deal, be it London / America / Australia / Asian market.

Favorite Forex Traders

Used by thousands of traders in their Forex terminals every day.



How much profit per month is expected?

You can expect about 60% -100% profit per month. What is the main strategy used in Dragon Expert?

Dragon Expert uses an advanced correlation strategy, encodes it using a real-time algorithm to find the correlation between pairs and find the best records for profit. What is the minimum balance for using Dragon Expert?

The recommended balance for using Dragon Expert is $ 5000. You can start at $ 200 to run the advisor and make a profit on the cent account. Our client divides it into a multi cent account and still gets the best result.

What pairs and how many pairs do you use in Dragon Expert?

Use Dragon Expert for a maximum of 3 correlated pairs. Our best performance at the moment is EURUSD EURJPY USDJPY for high risk settings. You can try another relationship.

What timeframe is better to use in Dragon Expert?

Dragon Expert scans all timeframes. Thus, you can attach on any timeframe. The result is the same.

What is the best option to use in Dragon Expert?

Dragon Expert is optimized by default. You can use the default settings.

Advisor is a commercial product. I sell you the official version without any restrictions. This robot can be used on any number of accounts, without restrictions. 

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