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Forex Nexus software features a user-friendly interface and offers you super easy-to-follow BUY/SELL signals. Which means regardless of your Forex experience and knowledge, you could start trading profitably TODAY!

Have you ever wondered how some Forex traders make trading look so simple?

They are making huge profits and seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to buying or selling at the right time. Yet when You are trading, it’s always a struggle.
Well, wonder no more.

Forex Nexus  is an outstanding strategy. First of all, it is very simple to install and deploy. It will only take you minutes to get it running.

Secondly, it shows you the exact moments when you need to BUY or SELL to take full advantage out of each trade! It is these turning points which offer the most profitable trading opportunities. Spotting them can be hard, but not with Forex Nexus!

System Rules

Nexus FX is trend follower system. Indicators will show you in a very easy way when the market is ready for trade. Simply follow the colors.

For valid entry you need five indicators in agreement.

  1. Long term trend.
  2. Short term trend.
  3. Market momentum.
  4. and 5. Entry confirmation.

Example of LONG trade (BUY)Example of LONG trade (BUY)Example of SHORT trade (SELL)Example of SHORT trade (SELL)

It may happen that you are late for the first entry, or you trade conservatively and wait for further confirmation from the market. In this case, you can always look for re-entry at a later stage of the movement.

The condition is: the confirmation of the system to continue moving in that direction.


DB is a small indicator located in the upper right corner. It provides basic information about the market, like:

  • Currency pair
  • Time interval
  • Time until another candlestick is open
  • Spread value
  • Current price
  • ADR (average daily range) indices

ADR indices show us two periods of time and the current (today’s) price range. The first one (ADR 30) indicates a medium price range over the last month (last 30 days). The second one (ADR 5) shows us the price range throughout the last five days.

How to put this information to practical use?

Firstly, ‘Today Range’ indications tell us how much “space” left there is on a given instrument until the maximum is reached for the day. If, for example, TR shows 50 pips, and ADR (5) and ADR (30) indicate 100 pips, it’s very likely the instrument you’re observing will get closer to these values, providing additional 50 pips of movement.

Another very important piece of information from the indications of ADR is the change of the market’s sentiment and dynamics, which can be derived from the mutual relation of ADR 30 and ADR 5.

If ADR 5 is lower than ADR 30, it means the volatility prevalent on the market is currently decreasing, and a smaller price range for each day can be expected.

If ADR 5 is higher than ADR 30, it means dynamics on the market are growing by the day, so you can count on greater movement range.

Forex Nexus Strategy is powered by cutting-edge technology that makes trading more accurate and more reliable.

The signals always stay fixed in place when they appear. Forex Nexus Strategy never repaints unlike many other indicators.

Almost no guesswork. No more uncertainty. No more doubt. Forex Nexus Strategy has years of research, experience, knowledge, and expertise of the industry’s top researchers and experts under its hood.

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