Algo software HFT Personal 2020 Expert Advisor

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lgo software HFT Personal 2020 EA

- Unlimited Version -


  1. Expert: ALGO software HFT Personal EA 2020 .ex4 (Unlimited)
  2. Indicator: iBrokerInfo_v1.5.ex4
  3. Presets, Script: LoadAllHistory.ex4
  4. Template: Algo Software HFT_WHITE.tpl
  5. User Guide: Algo Software HFT Manual.pdf

This robot operates only with high frequency, therefore it will only work with a high internet speed, with a low spread broker.

Now that is HFT

Is high frequency trading robots legal? If it's true ... the HFT is 100% legal. The reality is that all the world's stock exchanges make money when there are more transactions in the stock market. With these machines that are operating in milliseconds, even in micro seconds, they can make millions more transactions than a normal person.

High frequency trading or HFT has jumped to the present in the wake of the Flash Crash of May 2010, where the Dow Jones Index was left 9% in just 5 minutes.



  • Minimum deposit: 100$
  • Recommended: M30
  • Fast VPS
  • Pairs: GBPUSD and EURUSD with a minimum spread!
  • Only MT4

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