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Learn How The ATB Sniper Indicator could Earn you $10k (or more) of extra profit returns per month by following the huge price action surges which signals many times per day.

Featured Component 1. Triangle Designing Software

The first feature we want to show you is the biggest part of the indicator: the triangle itself built automaticallyAs you can see above, the triangles are drawn for you on your preferred time frame. The battle between buyers and sellers happens on any market so this pattern will be laser sharp in Forex, Stocks, Options, Futures, and Bitcoin! 

Featured Component 2. The False Breakout Software

Calculation Formula

Triangle breakout are powerful, most traders could agree on that. But what if there was a false break?

False breakouts can be defined as:

When price temporarily moves above or below a key support or resistance level, but then later retreats back to the same side as it started.”

This was a huge hurdle we had to jump since this does occur from time to time.

This software has a complex algorithm that will determine if the breakout is legit or just a false breakout.

Check it out

Featured Component 3. Trading Alerts Dynamic Placement

One of the most powerful features that this indicator comes with is the trading alerts.

These will happen immediately when critical part of strategy has been completed.

Featured Component 4. Previous Triangle Builder

Not only will you see the current triangle being built you will also see the previous ones drawn on the charts!

It will look something like this:As you can see it will show you previous signals and the pre-previous signals so that you can keep track when the pattern changes.

Featured Component 5. Manual Triangle Detection Builder

Say you are looking back in time and you want to see exactly where the triangle would have been drawn.

Well... instead of messing with those drawing tools on your platform we gave you the ability to automatically place these on to your chart.

Featured Component 6. Automatic Take Profit, Stop Loss Placement

The ATB Sniper Indicator will automatically place a stop loss and take profit target for you instantly!

When there is a break of a triangle pattern it will instantly alert you and let you know where the best stop loss level is and where you should be targeting.

It will look something like this:The stop loss is automatically determined and placed at the best location and you can then adjust the Risk/Reward Ratio depending on you.

Triangle scanner dashboard

The scanner will allow you to sit back and scan many different aspects of the market in just seconds.

It shows regarding the currency pairs and timeframes designated when the price is inside the triangle and too far from triangle's edges, when is approaching to the top/bottom edge, when the price breaks the triangle and when the price touched the edge and retraced.


*Free PDF Guides/Video tutorial

We will throw in PDF guides and a video tutorial that will explain exactly how we trade with the ATB Sniper.

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