Driver EURUSD M5 Expert Advisor

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Are you looking for a reliable advisor for making money on Forex consistently?

Moreover, one that would not have unprofitable months, but only profitable ones?

To have a moderate Drawdown of up to 50%?

And don't you want to bother with settings and optimization?

Then you have found what you were looking for. Download the best Expert Advisor Driver EURUSD, install on the specified pair and watch your deposit grow.


  1. Trading platform: MetaTrader4
  2. Traded pairs: EURUSD
  3. Timeframe: M5
  4. Trading time: Around the clock


The robot opens trades based on three indicators (MA, Envelopes and Driver - included) under certain conditions.

If the price does not move towards the take profit, after a certain number of points, an additional order is opened to cover the unprofitable one.

When the total profit in money is reached, 9.1 by default, all orders are closed. That is, the profit closes like a scalper. Then everything is new.

Driver EURUSD does not enter immediately after orders are closed, but on a new signal. This distinguishes him from other "monkeys" who trade at random. Therefore, they are much more risky.




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